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Our Story

From being a small boy, being brought up in a traditional mixed service garage business,my passion for everything oily smelly and noisy has remained a pursuit that drives me to learn more and more...

Training is continual and every day is a school day. I use up to date data and online access to thousands of figures to help solve those niggles. 

An Idea is Born

Lately I have heard more and more; mechanic and technician friends and associates say how much they dislike modern electronic intervention in ever invasive ways included in the automotive industry. Otherwise brilliant mechanics simply dislike how electronics take them away from the oily bits. Back at school I had always loved physics so I could never understand this resistance to 'simple' principles' being included but then I am a geek about this stuff so it made sense for my love of science to meet my love of the internal combustion engine! I love being an auto electrician, I enjoy the diagnostics working throughout Surrey, west Sussex, south Kent and East Hampshire areas. Providing a Mobile auto electrical service

CANBUS and Modules

Increasingly car technology includes complicated electronics, here at AED we have up to date technology to help find and correct network problems with your vehicles or equipment

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