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  Increasing demands have brought new challenges and new opportunities , I have up until recently been responsible for all aspects of the daily tasks and the wider aspects of the business. However AED needs to change so we can encompass the constantly changing economy, this is going to mean a new process; affording me the chance to better serve my current and new customer base while offering greater numbers of services during the same operational hours. We now have a business manager who will take over the general running of the non technical departments. Bookings, ordering invoicing and credit control etc, this is and will continue to be a small family business but with extra attention on customer focussed service going forward. 

Tough months ahead

It is obvious to anyone who works in my industry that the semi-conductor/ chip issue isn't going away anytime soon. With more systems onboard to manage every aspect of motoring enjoyment, more and more I am seeing vehicles coming to an early demise due to lack of supply. While there is no silver bullet solution to save us from these increasingly prevalent problems keeping car interiors dry and external drain holes clear can only help. Just like with a bad gutter or bad roof : water will find a way inside so keep those drain holes draining and the jet washes off your vehicles.  

Recent times have provided new experience explorations for old style holidays, reinventing camping and caravans ; to lifestyle vans and RV's. I have been increasing my services due to demands of exiting customers to include remapping, installing speed limits to fleet vehicles, horsebox cameras and modern lighting. As habits change in the populations ,as an industry we must change and provide services for our customers as they require. At AED we like to exceed customer expectations while managing costs, many levels of equipment  exist to match budgets and employment so a van may get ugly but industrial strength lights while a Recreational vehicle may get the aesthetic equivalent.

We have also expanded services this month to include the equestrian markets demands of repairs and service of horseboxes 7.5+ and the newer 3.5 ton versions which often have issues related to the base vehicle limitations including corrosion, many of these vehicles are now showing rust issues and attachment points failure. Led light faults and internal flooring issues too. 

As well as the self propelled body types we also service and repair the trailer versions of horsebox and all the ancillaries that go with trailed versions including floor, side and ramp replacements.

Changing times

       Not only has the global pandemic meant working with an increased level of care but it has meant working within new outlooks and changing priorities.Many recent jobs have come about due to a lack of use during lockdown and some issues are only occurring due to an absence of a daily commute. Battery drains and no start issues due to a prolonged stasis of inactivity which have exposed the intermittent and made them a constant. The solutions I am afraid often is expensive and inconvenient to the vehicles keeper, an expense to far in these times. So this blog is really a cautionary tale warning against weeks of silence from your previously daily companion and mobile office/music room and breakfast table, go out there every couple of days and take a little drive, 20 minutes minimum and help prevent a intermittent becoming the nail in the coffin for your transportation needs

1929 Desoto Model K

This week was a special opportunity to work on a Art Deco car from the last  century. Launched in the sunny summer of 1928 this six cylinder engined car with its super moder four wheel hydraulic braked car was produced in reaction to Walter.P.Chrysler's failed acquisition of Dodge.

It has an electric wiper,dash mounted fuel gauge and Lovejoy shocks. It was named after Hernando De Soto a 16th century explorer , more than two million Desoto vehicles were made between 1928 to 1961. This has positive earth and has an alternator conversion wired still with a positive earth system.

Classic magic

One of the things that really makes my week is finding these little Gems. This little straight six Triumph based on the Spitfire ,built between 1966 and 1973 this little rocket with a cheeky not to the American mustang has sex appeal, performance and huge smile inducing characteristics not often found in such a small package back in the 60's 

No matter what the machine, classic car, performance car, historic or commercial/plant machine they all have a place in time and all deserve respect.

News about new facilities

   After much deliberation and many circumstances where I would like to have added value to the service I provide, it has been possible to secure a fixed workshop. This means I can now work more hours and offer solutions which occasionally being mobile would otherwise not have been possible.

   Water damaged vehicles, full or partial strip downs and extensive wiring solutions plus installations to campers, work vehicles and looms can now be more easily executed.

Strange times ahead

Here is the Uril I worked on recently, it has a nuclear proof and chemical proof body with all the equipment shielded from EMP damage, a suitable machine for some people considering the press reporting at this time.

Here at AED things go on as promised helping businesses and individuals achieve their goals with precautions to prevent viral spread. I am wondering if I should get a Uril to reassure some of the public that I am doing all I can.

The workshop has been slowed down due to the lack of public movement atm. It is still in the pipeline as the bookings stack up! 


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Posted on 25 February, 2020 at 0:55

It wont come as a suprise to anyone who has been in the UK this month that the heavens have not been favourable to us recently. This has highlighteda common issue with new cars from premium brands to economy run arounds alike. 

Manafacturers in their bid to please consumers have increasingly added comfort and convenience to their vehicles giving consumers a greater feeling of value in the modern personal transport revolution, soon we will have greater automated self drive electric transport which everyone will benefit. Trouble is that these wheeled conveyances have a fatal flaw, they dont like moisture and hate submersion so this month has brought many avoidable disasters. The modern car has an achilles heel which is almost universally ignored, its called the scuttle drain, a small hole at the top of the bonnet which ferries water from the windscreen to the floor through a hole then a tube/void. The trouble with this sytem is; that when it becomes blocked the very thing which was avoided by engineers including this gutter, happen. The water get into places which it was never meant to discover, the upshot being that its not just damp inside but the failure of systems by virtue of being wet. Water and electricity rarely mix in a positive way, so unless you want a flod and a burnt out module which means big bills, spend a little time or ask your tech/mechanic to check and clear those scuttle drains 

Frosty Weather

Posted on 21 January, 2020 at 9:10


 First post of the year, its not a long one just a cautionary tale. I get a few calls about cars with owners locked out and keys inside. During the frosty weather it is temping to leave the car running on those cold mornigs, while running back into the warmth of the home. BUT REMEMBER some cars lock after a few minutes whether running or not! So if your going to do it remember, your not insured for theft when doing this plus you can get locked out so have a spare key handy.

Rodent deposits

Posted on 6 December, 2019 at 7:55

Not everything about my life is as sanitary as In would like, this RR not only sat in some mud on an industrial estate floating on the marshes in Kent but the RR was a victem to rodent damage who not only ate some wiring but wee'd and poo'd on everything. Luckily I carry industrial degreaser:(


Posted on 16 September, 2019 at 0:35

   After a couple of weeks with very late finishes ;post 0130 some days I have decided to stop doing HGV and fleet vehicle due to the unsustainability of one person serving so many critical and time sensitive busnesses. Its been a tough decision but sometimes its best to narrow the service stream.

Busy times

Posted on 5 November, 2018 at 4:10

So the last few months have been insane, from Masarati to Morris, Aston to AC cobra and Dumper to loader this year so far
has seen a huge swathe of the 6/12/24 volt world from 2 wheeled through to 18 wheels and tracked. Lets hope however that I dont see 
to much more of animal intrusion, this was on a classic Silver Shadow, it has occurred on three other vehicles so far this
year, a Mercedes E class and an old W124. if you are going to use your classics less then considering some
rodent protection would be prudent. Hoping to see less.


Posted on 30 October, 2017 at 15:10

Busy week of trucks on building sites, sometimes Plant machinery repairs is more enjoyable because of the maintainence accessibilty of systems.

Bus week

Posted on 16 July, 2017 at 1:45

  So this week started out as commercials week as the first part of of my working week was Buses, sorted those issues then moved onto the classic car part of my week with this little beauty who refused to start. The dash lights did'nt work either, All fixed now with the owner reporting that it has never started so well. This coming week looks to be more buses a 1960's Corvette and I will post my saga with the BMW which had been stranded in a workshop for 4 months and how it finally got to the BMW meet at Beaulieu!


Posted on 9 July, 2017 at 5:10

This week was a blast (again) BMW headaches and everyday driver car issues but one job topped my week and gave me a few boxes to sort into a running electrical system. Building a kit car is hard enough usin the right parts but taking on someone elses failed project is tough. Heartaches and overdrafts ahead. This project should reap good rewards for its owner as despite the loom being for an eighties Sierra and the engine being a ST170 with motorcycle carbs in place of a throttle body and missing a working TPS and VVT control wiring system it should produce north of 185 bhp when running which is not bad as the whole car will only weigh a little over 600kg when wet. One day down maybe one to go!


New Week

This week is going to  be a super bizarre and surreal one for me, working on a 25 ton picker excavator hopefully saving a 120k plus machine from the wreckers, a 1060's cold war Russian Uril and a selection of 12 and 24v vehicles including a Stratos. Corvid 19 has no place in my timetable so normal personal care and consideration is being continued with a smattering of extra vigilance towards the immuno  susceptible